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Games, Graphs and Glory: How Teachers Bring Digital Play to the Classroom

Blended Learning

We've had a great time this Fall meeting educators and fellow #edtech companies at a number of edSurge's Tech for Schools Summits across the U.S. Check out this recent @edSurge piece that takes a high level look at a recent Joan Ganz Gooney Center report on the popularity of technology in the classroom today. There's an increasing amount of gaming going on but use of mobile devices isn't anywhere near its fuller potential and professional learning support for how to effectively make technology "instructional" and use it to personalize instruction is lacking. As we know from working with schools, the reality of #blendedlearning, personalized instruction and project-based learning is a complex one that can vary classroom by classroom and student by student (with huge potential to impact achievement of course with the right planning and support). The @edSurge recap of the Conney Center report is a great and promising pulse check on this journey though!