Grounded in foundational and ongoing research by Stanford University, Redbird Advanced Learning is uniquely positioned at the intersection of learning science and advanced technology.


Our mission is to transform lives by harnessing the power of research, technology and innovation. By combining the research capabilities of Stanford University with advanced learning technologies, we offer innovative educational solutions that help students achieve their ultimate potential.

Embracing a Fundamental Shift

Redbird Advanced Learning offers solutions that help students, educators and parents effectively navigate today’s radically transforming educational landscape. These significant changes include:

Students as Digital Natives: We know how to engage today’s technology-immersed students while preserving the educational integrity of our offerings. We deliver media-rich, innovative student experiences that are deeply engaging, highly personalized, and sensitive to the preferences in learning modalities of digital natives.

An Evolving Classroom Environment: We embrace blended learning as the preeminent instructional strategy of our time – integrating advanced technology and connectivity into classroom instruction, allowing students to drive their own learning pace, path and time. Our solutions excel by making teaching and technology truly complementary.

Our digital curriculum features the latest advances in adaptive learning, gamification and digital project-based instruction to engage and propel students through the learning continuum. But we know that’s not enough. Our blended learning implementation services help bridge the gap between the promise of technology and realities of the classroom. And our professional development offerings help educators become equipped with the training and support required to effectively implement the latest pedagogical practices.

Stanford has chosen Redbird Advanced Learning, a Silicon Valley-based enterprise whose mission is to harness the power of research, technology and innovation to help students achieve their ultimate potential. With a deep history in digital learning, the innovators at Redbird bring the right combination of educational and technical expertise to complement what Stanford has established.

Charles Junkerman, Associate Provost
and Dean of Continuing Studies, Stanford University