Led by a pioneering group of education and technology experts, our founding team also includes many researchers, developers, and implementation specialists from the originating Stanford program.

We are also uniquely guided by the immense knowledge and groundbreaking contributions of collaborators who continue Redbird-sponsored research at Stanford University. Click here to learn more about our Stanford research collaborators. Click here to learn more about the Redbird team.

Matthew Mugo Fields


President of Silicon Valley-based enterprise Redbird Advanced Learning and Co-Founder of its parent company Rocket Group, Matthew is a long-time social entrepreneur and leader in education, committed to improving education through technology and innovation.

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Andrew Lippert

Chief Technology Officer

A proud father of six, Andrew combines deep technical savvy and a personal, vested interest to improving education. Andrew’s experience in technology includes expertise in product strategy, system architecture, software development, global operations, and executive management.

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Jason T. Green

Executive Director, School Programs

As a social entrepreneur, Jason has spent his career creating opportunities to effectuate positive change in education. Prior to his role at Redbird, he served as the President of Advance Classrooms, which specialized in Blended Learning, One-to-One and Flipped Classroom models.

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Todd Mahler

Senior Vice President, Product and Technology

For the past 18 years Todd has led the development of hundreds of products for the nation’s leading publishers and is proud to have touched the lives of millions of students. Since teaching himself to code at age 7, Todd has been inspired by technology’s ability to educate, connect, and transform lives.

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Janet Pittock

Vice President of Curriculum, Mathematics

Janet is an educator committed to inspiring students to learn by providing personalized experiences that are interactive, engaging, and challenging. Janet has developed materials for a variety of publishers, including Creative Publications and Scholastic.

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Dan Flickinger

Senior Researcher, Language Arts & Writing

Dan is an internationally recognized computational linguist at Stanford’s Center for the Study of Language and Information. For more than 20 years, he has been developing practical computational models of language, as described in more than 70 research publications. Dan earned his Ph.D. in linguistics from Stanford University in 1987.

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David McMath

Vice President, Product and Technology

After earning an undergraduate degree in Math and Physics at Rice University, David found his way to graduate school in Stanford’s Mathematics department. David served as the primary technical architect and lead software engineer for all of EPGY’s digital education solutions.

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Darian Patchin

Director of Growth, GiftedandTalented.com

Darian brings more than 20 years of Internet industry experience to Redbird’s GiftedandTalented.com division, including expertise in online acquisition, mobile marketing, social networking and Web 2.0 applications.

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Heather Gunsallus

Vice President of Operations, School Programs

Heather received her Bachelors degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Mathematics. Before her journey with operational efficiency, educational technology and curriculum development began; she enjoyed teaching mathematics to children.

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